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Your Daily Choice: Optimum Health = Exponential Wealth

about-usEveryday it’s my daily choice to make sure to fill my cup up with great books, mentors I aspire to learn from, great friends who are really living life to it’s fullest and to anchor it all, my kids and my wife to share life with. Because I have lived on the other end of the spectrum.
In recovery today as a former abuser of drugs and alcohol I choose, one day at a time to turn my life and will over to my higher power and encourage people in my life to learn what is within their capacity to change and what can be let go of.
Becoming a single father with 3 and 5 year old children, at the age of 50 was quite a shock but they say necessity is the mother of invention and that dynamic change set in motion a journey with challenges I never thought I would face or be able to over come.

Faith in myself and the universe has made me see the art of what is possible, thru eviction, car repossession and bankruptcy I know what faith and a strong belief in one’s self can see you thru.

I believed the hardest thing I ever faced was being forced to go back in the food service business as a waiter, well into midlife and now looking back at it I do so with great gratitude for the people that helped me with that job, and for the parents that watched my children when i was gone all weekend working. Such untold blessings can be realized from our struggle, it’s just a matter of perspective.

Looking forward from the other side of that leg of the jorney, I am stronger, more excited, more grateful, more prepared and more available to help others who also are facing challenges.
Do you wanna know what favorite question is? What time is it?

The time is now.

Robert 10X